In order to have a 3D model printed, .stl files must be fully closed (watertight) polygon net objects.
If we discover that your .stl file is not suitable for production, we will get in touch with you.
Who can I contact if I have any questions?
We are happy to help you with any questions. Please send us an e-mail to
What is the largest size my model can be?
The maximum dimensions of the printed model are 700 x 380 x 580 mm.
A maximum of 7.48 inch x 7.87 inch x 12.6 inch (190 mm x 200 mm x 320 mm) can be calculated on-line.
For larger models, please send us a request for quotation.
What must the minimum thickness of a component detail be to maintain stability?
The thickness should not be less than 0.7 mm. Which dimensional tolerances are to be expected?
The dimensional tolerances should be within the scope of DIN1 6742 TG6.
Due to the process, additional deviations in external dimensions of approx. + 9.84 mil (0.25 mm)
and in internal dimensions of approx. - 9.84 mil (0.25 mm) may occur in the Z-direction
Can the finished model be post-processed?
The model can be sanded (barrel finished), drilled, infiltrated, painted or galvanized.
What is the maximum file size that I can send?
We accept files up to a size of 20 MB.
What is the resolution of the printer?
The layer thickness is 3.94 mil (0.1 mm). How large must the minimum distance between moving parts be?
The distance should not be less than 19.69 mil (0.5 mm).
What colours do you offer?
We currently offer the following colours:
Black - similar to RAL 9005
Grey - similar to RAL 7031
Blue - similar to RAL 5002
Red - similar to RAL 3020
Other colours are available on request.

What lead times do you offer?

Production time basic + dyeing + vibratory finishing and / or infiltration
Express: 4 WD not possible 6 WD
Standard: 8 WD 10 WD 12 WD

WD = working days