3D Alumide in metallic look
Alumide is a grey and metallic shimmering material mix of polyamide powder and aluminium particles with high rigidity and with good characteristics for further post-processing.

Laser-sintered components from Alumide also possess other interesting properties:
  • Increased thermal conductivity
  • Very good dimensional stability
  • Good balance of density and stiffness
Alumide-components can be refined very easily with grinding, polishing or coating. The machining of parts from alumide sintering is simplified by the chip breaking effect of the aluminium filling.
A typical application for alumide is the manufacture of stiff, metallic-looking components for automotive applications (e.g. wind tunnel tests), for tool inserts for injection and die casting of small series, for illustrative models (metallic appearance) and, among other things for gauge and jig construction.
Data sheet Alumide