For the best results when soldering SMD components specific time and temperatures should be maintained. The German designed and manufactured, Reflow Oven Controller V3 regulates your reflow oven to achieve the optimum soldering results.

The next generation V3 follows the successful V2 into the market place with some distinctive changes to improve the customer experience.

1) During the learn process, the status ‘Learn’ will be displayed and information on each phase will be given in the digital display.
2) During reflow each phase is displayed
3) There are 5 programed temperature profiles for reflow which maybe preselected and will be displayed
4) Base values are easily changed to your requirement using the display
5) Automatic Phase extension on/off control enables you to extend the time of a phase to ensure that the correct temp is reached
6) Temperature calibration now easily achieved using the display
7) Changing the display temperature
8) Changing the background brightness level
9) The digital display will indicate the cooling down process

As with V2 it is possible to change the parameters and update software using the USB port.

Reflow soldering

The boards and components are heated gradually during the preheat phase to avoid mechanical stress.
Following the pre-heat phase, the temperature is raised to just below soldering temperature. This enables the volatile components of the solder paste to avoid blistering. The oven is then heated to the soldering temperature. The solder paste liquefies and the components adhere to the board. The controller maintains a stable temperature during soldering to avoid any damage through overheating.
The controller beeps and the reflow soldering process is over.

Technical data:
Temperature sensor with cable and connector
(placed in the oven along with the PCBs)
Fuse: 15A-T
Maximum rated load: 1,500 W (oven connected)
Operating voltage: 110 V / 60 Hz AC
Use only indoors in a dry area.
Suitable for use with any oven that does not exceed the maximum rated load.

A USB interface connection cable is not included.

Kit contains:

Reflow Controller
Temperature sensor
Item number: RK-10583
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