The Reflow Kit V3 PRO is a compilation of the
Reflow Oven, Reflow-Controller V3 PRO US, and Magnetic Workbench.

Everything you need for prototype production of SMD modules. In addition: You can immediately test the soldering results using the supplied SMD dice construction kit.

The Beta Reflow Kit:

We do not claim that it offers perfect industrial quality soldering. However, it is a very affordable tool for solving some of the major problems when manufacturing SMD modules. Furthermore it stands out from other methods as it also offers quick and very high-quality soldering results.

By applying the Solder Paste to each laser-SMD stencil (free with PCB-POOL® prototype orders), you can ensure the exact amount of solder paste is used and achieve accurate positioning.

The Magnetic workbench enables you to apply solder paste to several printed circuit boards in succession without having to realign the SMD stencil.

The new Reflow-Controller V3 PRO US controls the oven according to the pre-set temperature profile. You can follow the soldering process directly on the display: the temperature, corresponding soldering phase, and any error messages are displayed.

You can use the control panel to make necessary parameter changes directly on the controller. You can also create and save separate temperature profiles for different solder pastes and components.

Technical data for the controller:

Temperature sensor with cable and connector
(placed in the oven along with the PCBs)
Fuse: 15A-T
Maximum rated load: 1,500 W (oven connected)
Operating voltage: 110 V / 60 Hz AC
Use only indoors in a dry area.
Suitable for use with any oven that does not exceed the maximum rated load.

Technical data for oven:

Brand: Hamilton Beach Model #: 31331D
Oven Dimensions: 10.50” x 18.74” x 15.04”
Shipping weight 12.3 Ibs
Connection: 120V 60Hz
Guarantee: Manufacturer's limited warranty, valid one year from original date of purchase

- Temperature controller (infinitely adjustable)
- 4-step switch
- Timer (max. 60 min.)
- Reflector plate

The Reflow Kit V3 PRO includes:

- Reflow-Controller V3 PRO US
- Temperature sensor
- Reflow Oven
- Printed circuit board with embedded LXMS31ACNA-009 Murata UHF RFID chip
- Suitable stencil
- 9 V block battery
- Components
- 50g Solder Paste, No-Clean, Leadfree
- 1 Squeegee
- 1 spatula
- 1 tweezer
- Template holder
- 4 permanent magnets
- 1 magnetic foil plate to cut to size
- 1 spacing plate 0.6 mm

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