The BETA REFLOW KIT has been developed for all electronic engineers who struggle with the catches and pitfalls of SMD technology. Our Reflow-Kit allows the user to achieve near-industry quality soldering results. Electronic engineers, now have a tool which vastly improves the ease and quality of prototype SMD assembly. By using a laser SMD stencil to apply the solder paste, precision paste dispensing and positioning is possible, typical problems such as the elimination of short circuits are reduced to a minimum. After the components have been placed on the PCB, they can be soldered in the pre-heated oven. Through the uniform heating of the PCB and solder paste, excellent results can be achieved. Valuable time is saved with all components being soldered simultaneously, accelerating the entire assembly process. It must be pointed out however, that the oven alone is not capable of running temperature profiles. To run temperature profiles, this kit includes a Reflow-Controller V3 PRO US. This device comes with an external temperature sensor and has a Learn-in-Function, which allows for easy calibration with any connected oven. It then controls your solder-oven so that professional temperature profiles (preheat, soak, reflow...) can be run, delivering optimal soldering results. It is also possible to create temperature profiles. Prepare to Solder.

The Large Beta-REFLOW-Kit contains :
- 1 Oven
- 1 Instruction Manual
- 2 SMD-Test-Boards
- 1 Stencil for SMD Test Board
- 1 Component set
- 50g Solder Paste, No-Clean, Leadfree
- 1 Set of PCB holders, 1,6 mm
- 1 Set of PCB holders, 1,0 mm
- 1 Squeegee
- 1 Spatula
- 1 Masking Tape
- 1 Tweezer
- 1 Reflow-Controller V3 PRO US

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