Topic: Covered Vias

Covered Vias

I am using Eagle PCB.
I have a number of small vias that i want covered in solder resist.

I have adjusted setting so that there is no tStop and Tcream polygon on top of the vias, however when i use your tool to pre-visualize board i see all vias without solder resist.

I have seen in other posts that i can request covered vias, by specifically asking for it, however i want some vias covered and others not.

Is this possible?

Thank You
08/23/2015 22:02:28
Marco Prata
Covered Vias
Hi Marco,

Yes you can note us to cover Vias as a special instruction in your Order.

To have a selection of covered vias, this handling is possible only when you have 2 different sizes of that.
FRor example 0.2mm drills and 0.3mm drills and let us know to cover only 0.2mm. Another way is to have vias placed as a pads, then it is easy to cover vias complete. In this case there we note on the order as well.

With best regards

Your PCB-POOL Service Team
08/24/2015 08:26:02
PCB-POOL (R)  Service Team