Topic: BOM files needed and Fabrication Checks

BOM files needed and Fabrication Checks
I would like to have a PCB both printed and assembled by PCB-Pool, and I had a few questions. Will I need to send the parts for assembly to you, or are you able to order them via a BOM I send you? If so, I was wondering what exactly is needed in the BOM files (like what needs to be included). The eagle files I have don't include the manufacturer, but they have everything else.
I also wanted to know if you do preview checks of boards sent to you to look for possible fabrication issues?
Thank you,
02/01/2016 19:24:46
BOM files needed and Fabrication Checks
Hi Megan,

Thank you for your enquiry.

There are various options available with regards to supplying components.

1: You supply all the components.
2: We purchase all the components on your behalf.
3: You supply particular components and we purchase the remainder on your behalf.

The preferred option needs to be clearly indicated within your BOM.

Using our online calculation (link below) you can calculate the cost for PCB manufacture and assembly, simply fill in the required fields. As mentioned above, the various options regarding the supply/sourcing of components is one of the required fields.

We can order the components on your behalf from the suppliers listed on your BOM
It is important that your BOM contains all relevant information, including supplier name and a link to the part on their website.

The link below contains detailed information, including manufacturing capability, types of files and formats required, and instructions on how to create your BOM.
Since you are using Eagle, a ULP is available to download which simplifies the process!

We perform full manual design rule checks on all PCB-POOL® orders.
If one of our engineers finds an error you will be contacted immediately.

I hope this helps.

Your PCB-POOL Service Team
02/03/2016 14:43:45
Beta LAYOUT Ltd Service Team