Brand new lead times at PCB POOL®!

August 2005: Both our Series XXS and Multilayer 4/6 Layer boards are now available with shorter standard lead-times and faster lead time options. E-test is now FREE of charge on all Multilayer pool products.

Shorter turnaround times on Series xxS and Multilayer pool orders.

On 4 and 6 layer boards we have dramatically reduced our leadtimes from 12 to 8 working days! That's 33% faster at NO extra cost!
Fast turnaround options are now available as 7 or 5 working days.

On top of this great offer we are now shipping all Multilayer pool orders with a full Electrical test included in the price.

On our Series xxS service we now offer 8 days as standard a reduction of 20% to the previous 10 day lead time. For the first time ever we are offering our Series xxS 10 on a 5 day turnaround.