Keen pricing

August 2007: We want to guarantee that you get the most favorable PCB Pool price with the least amount of effort, therefore we have greatly extended the functionality of our order system.

Already, and during the printed circuit board order entry process, the system examines whether there is still another more favorable route than the product choice selected by you. When calculating for example 8 prototypes of eurocard size (414.49 EUR) the order system will additionally indicate the prices for 8 prototypes XL (315.41 EUR) and for a small batch production in our Series 10 XXS Pool(297.60 EUR).

This price comparison is based on a complex software, not only is the quantity and the price considered but also the surface area, the delivery time and optional extras such as soldermask and E-testing.

We want to guarantee that you always get the best price with us, so please help us to achieve this goal by making yourself fully aware of our pricing rules and structures.