December 2013: We were at productronica for the first time ... and were very much the centre of attention.

"... That said, the fab presence seems to shrink every year. There were
 clear crowd-pleasers, however. Beta Layout drew attendees to its embedded
 RFID technology, for instance ..."

"... As mentioned earlier, perhaps the most impressive display was that of
 Beta Layout, which has partnered with Schmoll to offer a machine for
 embedding RFID tags. The process involves a robotic placer that picks the
 tags from a reel and places them into cavities routed or milled in a 
standard panel up to 18 x 24". An epoxy dispenser then fills the cavity,
 followed by a 4-minute UV cure. The parts are sized at 3.6 x 1.2 x 1.55 mm 
and the keep-out zone is 10 x 2.3 mm, Tony Shoot of Beta Layout said. The 
chips, from Murata, can be pre-programmed, and come with 512 Mb of memory 
and operate in the 860-960 MHz range. The display drew consistent traffic,
 making it the standout in what was otherwise a somewhat tepid event for
 board fabrication ..."