Order PCBs faster and easier with Drag & Drop

October 2018: for Altium Designer, EAGLE, Target 3001!, KiCad und Gerber X2 formats.


We have simplified the online ordering process for PCBs even further for you. The redesigned PCB-POOL(r) online calculator allows direct data upload of your PCB design via Drag & Drop in four native design formats and Extended Gerber.


Once your files have been uploaded, all the technical parameters will automatically be transferred and the price will be calculated.


Additionally the PCB and stencil data are visualised, and when using native EAGLE and Target 3001! files the entire PCB assembly is rendered as a 3D image.

The rendered 2D/3D data is available for free download. These can be used for collision checks or for documentation purposes.

Additionally you can also order a 3D printed model of the assembled PCB.