November 2003: Now available: Fastturnaround PCBs with positionprint AND also doublesided positionprint!

Is everthing new?

August 2003: Check out our new Web presentation with lots of handy functions.

Stencil-shopping is now even easier at Beta-LAYOUT.

Have fun Surfing and shopping!

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Is everything new ?

August 2003: Check ou our new Web site with lots of handy functions.

PCB-shopping is now even easier with Beta LAYOUT.

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July 2003: Due to popular demand we now accept LAYOUT files from PCAD software.

New file formats

February 2003: Two new Dataformats accepted in PCB-POOL®: QUICKROUTE Users and EASY-PC Users can now send their *.PCB files to us.
Good news for EDWIN Users: EDWIN files are once more being accepted.

Beta LAYOUT welcomes its 10,000th customer!

January 2003: Despite the downturn in the electronics industry over the past year, there is still good news for some. This downturn has lead to an industry wide cut in funding for electronics design. Previous levels of boom-time budgeting are past. In its solution to the prototype market, a Shannon based company has conversely seen an increase in both sales and new custom. Based in the Shannon Free Zone, Beta LAYOUT recently welcomed their 10,000th customer to the Shannon facility. On placing the 10,000th order, the customer became the grand prize winner. Based in Germany, Mr. Matthias Mayer is involved with a company who specialises in electronic measuring devices. Managing Director of Beta LAYOUT, Elizabeth Nolan, had this to say "Mr Meyer represents our profile customer. He is working in a small, but highly technical research and development company. We are delighted to offer this prize to such a valued customer".
The prize consisted of a completely free weekend for two people. This included flights, accommodation, champagne reception and chauffeured transport.

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November 2002: Delivery time of SerieXXS has been reduced from 15 working days to 10. This means the turnaround is 33.333333333% faster!

Everything remains different

September 2002: No need to worry! It's only a new term which has been introduced by our marketing department: fast turnaround premium is now called basic price factor. Prices have not been changed.