More layers - shorter leadtime

June 2004: The long wait is finally over: The 6-Layer pool!
In addition: The lead time on Multilayers has been reduced from 15 to 12 WD!

SERIE XXS without Posi

February 2004: Positionprint in SERIEXXS ?
The following options are now available:
Posi: singlesided TOP (Price inclusive)
Posi: doublesided TOP + BOT (Price 12.50)
Posi: WITHOUT (no discount)

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Collection of Specs

January 2004: Specifications Basematerial ISOLA FR4 DURAVER
current carrying for coppertracks on basematerial
Specifications Soldermask ConforMask 2500
Specification Basematerial for PIAD FR4

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November 2003: Now available: Fastturnaround PCBs with positionprint AND also doublesided positionprint!

Is everthing new?

August 2003: Check out our new Web presentation with lots of handy functions.

Stencil-shopping is now even easier at Beta-LAYOUT.

Have fun Surfing and shopping!

Your Beta LAYOUT team

Is everything new ?

August 2003: Check ou our new Web site with lots of handy functions.

PCB-shopping is now even easier with Beta LAYOUT.

Please note :

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July 2003: Due to popular demand we now accept LAYOUT files from PCAD software.