Keen pricing

August 2007: We want to guarantee that you get the most favorable PCB Pool price with the least amount of effort, therefore we have greatly extended the functionality of our order system.

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Watch”ur”PCB® - Photos of each production stage of your Printed Circuit Board

July 2006: From this month on you can keep an eye on the progress of the production of your PCB.
We can provide you with photographic images of your board following completion of each of these production steps:

  • Drilling

  • Exposure

  • Tin stripping

  • UV curing

  • Hot-Air-Leveling

In this way you can be certain, even while still in production, that your board will be delivered error-free to you, allowing you to get on with preparing the assembly process without fear of any nasty surprises! And if you should notice a board or data error you have extra time to rectify the situation or even place a new order.

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Brand new lead times at PCB POOL®!

August 2005: Both our Series XXS and Multilayer 4/6 Layer boards are now available with shorter standard lead-times and faster lead time options. E-test is now FREE of charge on all Multilayer pool products.

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More layers - shorter leadtime

June 2004: The long wait is finally over: The 6-Layer pool!
In addition: The lead time on Multilayers has been reduced from 15 to 12 WD!

SERIE XXS without Posi

February 2004: Positionprint in SERIEXXS ?
The following options are now available:
Posi: singlesided TOP (Price inclusive)
Posi: doublesided TOP + BOT (Price 12.50)
Posi: WITHOUT (no discount)

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Collection of Specs

January 2004: Specifications Basematerial ISOLA FR4 DURAVER
current carrying for coppertracks on basematerial
Specifications Soldermask ConforMask 2500
Specification Basematerial for PIAD FR4

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