Anonymous FTP

November 2000: Due to the fact that our free FTP upload area has been continually used by hackers as a free software, we have unfortunately been forced to discontinue our anonymous FTP service. To send us your files, please use the upload service on our website or call us at ++353 (0)61 701170. You will then receive our new IP address over the phone as well as a username and password which will allow you to continue to send your files to us by FTP.

FTP address changed

May 2000: Note re. FTP server: our old FTP address is no longer in use as we have moved server. Please use our new IP number

Multilayer service improved

March 2000: Cheaper, better, quicker. 4MLs are now available 20% cheaper, 5 days quicker and on request are also available in 7 working day express service. Now that all PCB-POOL® brochures have been changed to the Euro currency, prices for Series XXS and soldermask have been rounded to the next even amount in cent. Only our flat rate route charge has been rounded up by a "whole" EUR 0.24 to EUR 12.00. Good news - good buy!


February 2000: We have extended our service! In addition to your printed cirucit board, we can now supply you with a laser cut stencil. In order to meet your requirements to the highest standards, we have invested in a brand-new laser stencil cutting machine from the company LPKF.

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Euro conversion

January 2000: After - thankfully- not having had any problems with the Y2K Bug, the next test we face this year is the conversion to the Euro. We have already adapted our web pages to suit the new currency. The good news for our customers is that one Eurocard does not cost the actual converted price of EUR 50.62, but only EUR 49.00 instead! Again a (small) cost saving for the electronic developer.

E-Test at POOL prices

November 1999: It can be safely said that with complex and densely printed circuit boards, a visual check is insufficient. In electrical testing, all connections on your printed circuit board are checked for opens and shorts.
Up until now, testing using a flying probe was inordinately expensive. The good news is however, that PCB-POOL® has dramatically cut the costs yet again! You can now have your boards electrically tested for the following prices: