Bronze Buyer

Your turnover over the last 12 months exceeds $ 6,000, but is less than $ 12,000.
You will receive a 3% discount.

Silver Buyer 

Your turnover over the last 12 months exceeds $ 12,000, but is less than $ 18,000.
You will receive a 5% discount.

Gold Buyer

Your turnover over the last 12 months exceeds $ 18,000, but is less than $ 30,000.
You will receive a 10% discount.

Platinum Buyer

Your turnover over the last 12 months exceeds $ 30,000.
You will receive a 15% discount and pay no shipping costs.

In our beta bonus program, you receive a discount on your turnover of the past 12 months in the PCB-POOL® and free shipping when the “Platinum Buyer” level is reached.

The 12-month period is not dependent on the calendar year, but always refers to the last 12 months prior to the month of your order.

Please also note that the underlying turnover always refers to only one customer number. We reserve the right to make changes to our system at any time. We will of course inform you about any changes.

All discounts are valid only for sales in the PCB-POOL® Service without consideration of component costs and assembly service for PCB assembly orders.

PCB POOL discount on screen


Discounts for reviewing your PCB-POOL® orders.

You can receive a 10% discount on your next PCB-POOL® order once you have evaluated 5 previous orders, this option is available within the ‘My Orders’ section of your online account.

It is also possible to accumulate these discounts points to receive an order free of charge.

At Beta LAYOUT, your reviews and ratings are evaluated not only by the management. They are read by all employees because we transfer them LIVE to our monitor system at our site and manufacturing facilities.
On time or free

On time or free

Because of possible difficulties in our supply chain due to the corona virus, we unfortunately have to suspend the "On time or Free" guarantee until further notice. We kindly ask for your understanding.

PCB layout software TARGET 3001!

Free software

Target 3001! Is a comprehensive design software for 3D-MID, Printed Circuit Boards and Front Panels.

It contains an integrated component placement calculator and an on-line ordering possibility for PCBs.
Other features:
  • PCB layout
  • Simulation
  • Schematic diagram
  • Autoplace
  • Autorouter
  • EMC analysis
  • Front panel designer

This software is a full version:

  • No pin restrictions
  • No size restrictions
  • Order only from PCB-POOL®
  • For production order, the original Gerber data (RS-274X) is sent
PCB with matching stencil

Free component placement stencil

A free SMD component placement stencil with each prototype order

If you have used SMD components in your layout, you can receive a laser-cut SMD component placement stencil with the following specifications for your PCB-POOL® on-line order of a prototype free of charge:

  • Stainless steel 120 µm
  • Min. 10 mm larger in size all around your PCB contour
  • Pad reduction by 10%
  • without finishing

The paste data is generated 1:1 from your supplied layout data.

FR4 material with copper

Order tracking

Watch “ur”PCB: Visual order tracking

At PCB-POOL® you can monitor the progress of the production of your PCB.

We can provide you with photos of your PCB at each of the most important work steps. In order not to miss any photo you can also have them sent by e-mail.

Learn more at: Watch“ur”PCB

pdf viewer with preview PCB free of charge

Further benefits

You also receive the following:

  • PDF and production Gerber data for free
  • Error analysis through a clickable layer (ML) per active PDF
  • EAGLE (Autodesk) 3D-Data as PDF
  • ½ of the tooling costs for subsequent serial order
  • Acceptance of many layout and design softwares without charge
  • Personal DRC through our CAM-employees
  • Possibility to calculate and order the component placement through on-line option
  • Eagle button: order from Eagle by PCB-POOL®
  • Discounts on stencils for the QTS Clamping Frame System