Do you require soldermask?

Solder resist is a green covering in which clearances are made for solder areas (e.g pads) and for SMD connectors. These are therefore kept free from tinning in the soldering process. Applying soldermask means that tinning is applied more economically (so that flooding does not occur) and notably, the risk of shorting in finely structured boards is kept to a minimum. Also, soldermask results in greater air gaps between tracks. Last but not least, solder resist gives your board a more professional looking finish. We use only photosensitive solder resist, applied either in liquid form or as a foil through a vacuum laminating process.

Please ensure to specify if the solder resist image is the same or different on top and bottom sides. "Same" means there are only plated through holes on the board. "Different" means there are surface mount devices (SMD‘s) on either side of the board (the soldermask image would be different as a result).