Rigid circuit boards in the PCB-POOL®

In our PCB-POOL®, we offer you one-sided, double-sided and 4/6-layer PCB prototypes in standard industrial quality with the following parameters:

• FR4
• 40mil (1.0 mm) (1-, 2-, and 4-layer only)
• 63mil (1.6 mm) (all products)
• 1.38mil (35 µm) CU
• HAL lead-free or chem. nickel/gold (ENIG)

Lead-times from 8 hours to 6 days are possible.

We accept 18 different file formats.

You can evaluate every one of your PCB-POOL® orders and receive discount points, which you can redeem with your next PCB-POOL® order. Once 5 orders have been evaluated you receive a 10% discount.

Please note that our PCB-POOL® assembly service is currently possible for EAGLE, TARGET, Altium as well as Extended Gerber file formats.

You can conveniently calculate the price for your PCB including assembly using our Online order system.