Other technology

We offer PCBs with other technologies or in larger dimensions and quantities from PCB-OVERSEAS with the following specifications:

• Express service for prototypes from 1 WD
• Prototype quantities up to series production
• PCBs from 1 up to 48 layers
• Rigid, flex and rigid-flex and IMS circuit boards
• BBlind and buried and plugged-vias
• Surfaces: chem. Ni/Au, chem. Ni/Pd/Au, chem. Ag, chem. Sn, galv. Ni/Au (hard gold), HAL (lead-free), HAL (containing lead) and OSP
• Copper thicknesses of 9 µm (0,35mil) to 3 mm (0,12mil) solid copper
• Track widths/clearances: >= 2mil (50 µm)
• Minimal hole diameter: >= 2mil (50 µm)
• Material thicknesses of 0.01mil (0.2 mm) to 0.28mil (7.0 mm)
• Max. dimensions: 47,27 inches x 19.7 inches (1200 mm x 500 mm)
• Various base materials (standard FR4, halogen-free, high Tg, ceramics, polyimide, Teflon, etc.)
• Different colours for solder mask and silk screen
• Strippable varnish, carbon print and carbon varnish
• Impedance check
• Press-fit technology