Editable pdf with all layers

PDF preview of processed Gerber data

From the various software solutions supported in the PCB-POOL we present the data uniformly in the standard format Ext. Gerber (RS-274X).We make this file available to you as part of our order tracking in PDF format.Starting with version 9 of Acrobat Reader, you can display the individual layers.

If you would like to receive this file by email, you can specify the setting for this in your customer account.
Watch'ur'PCB intermediate step etching in PCB production

Images of your PCB through each production stage

Now you can keep an eye on the progress of your PCB during production! We can provide you with photographic images following each production stage.
  • Drilling
  • Exposure
  • Tin Stripping
  • UV Curing
  • Surface finish
This way you can be certain, even while still in production, that your board will be delivered error-free,allowing you to continue preparing for the assembly process, without fear of any nasty surprises!

If you should notice a design or data error, you have extra time to rectify the situation or even place a new order.

If you wish to be kept informed of the progress of your PCB, we will gladly send you an email. You can also choose to have JPEG images sent following each production stage.

The above options are available in your personal customer account "My Orders".