• Make telephone contact with the CAM operator working on your project.
  • Download our Online-Live-Support program (450 KB) and install it.

    N.B. The program will not be saved to your computer when you click “Open” in the first dialog box. When you eventually close the program it is completely and without trace deleted from your system.
  • Enter your code that was provided to you over the phone by the CAM operator.
  • Respond to the dialog box that appears on your screen.
Our quick and uncomplicated support software will help you to overcome technical problems on your layout with the assistance of our CAM operators.

Thanks to our program, you can have a look at our CAM operator’s screen, allowing you to see what he/she sees and hence better follow his/her advice.

With your express permission, we can also take a look at what’s on your screen, allowing the CAM operator to help you resolve any PCB design issues.


Not in the slightest. The program that you download functions exclusively from our server in conjunction with the software the CAM operator is using. In this way it can never be accessed by a third party. Furthermore the program allows only the viewing of a screen, neither you nor the CAM operator has the possibility, without express permission, to change anything, download anything or edit any data whatsoever.


In the first instance, when you are running the program, you may only view the other party’s screen. With the click of a mouse you can place pointer arrows on that screen. These in turn can be removed using the eraser icon from the toolbar menu.

The person allowing their screen to be viewed may also, by pressing the F12 button, allow default settings to be re-set. An example of this may be the re-configuration of a piece of software by an expert.

The F11 button also permits the transfer of data between the two parties via this connection. As previously stated this can only take place with the express permission of the party allowing their screen to be viewed.